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Hello readers,

I am an artist and a scientist. Art is a passion of mine in the same sense that animals are. I want to blog to share ideas and feelings with like minded people. I want to write fiction novels, paint inspiring art, and save endangered species. I, just like my mother and grandmother who nick-named me emelootuesday, share a passion for nature, but aren’t as artistically inclined. So here on this blog I’d love to form a community to discuss art and life. I have always been fascinated with astrology and chakras, yoga and meditation, and anything to better the self and the world. I hope through this blog, a community can learn together: I from you and you from me, the best understandings of these things that are so interesting. I accept comments, posts, emails, anything that can enhance this blog.  I am new to blogging and I open my arms to it all.