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Throne of living reptiles

Okay, I need some help.

So I did Marie’s laveaus throne and I wasn’t gonna put her on it but then the chair back wasn’t too great so I added her on it but I was told that the scribble effect kind of throws it off. Should I change it maybe paint her silhouette black so it stands out more, or any other suggestions are welcome! I’m just curious if this is a yay or nah? 




Cuddly VooDoo

I have an art idea that I think I’m gonna pursue. I am from southern Louisiana where voodoo art is very prevelant. I realized how beautiful the style could be without being creepy or scary when I fell in love with Clay Davis’ art: Pierre Poppet & friends. I told my idea to a friend who then asked me to subtly incorporate it into a penguin painting.  

I am very satisfied with the outcome! Anyone believe that there might be a market for these kind of artworks not only in the south?