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Ivory trade kills ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ”ซ

I never thought about Ivory trade like this before. I was recently informed by someone well versed on the topic that ivory trade is like the drug trafficking in the USA. At first I didn’t think it was important to change my thoughts about Ivory because I believe no matter if the problem is big or small that it shouldn’t happen. They shouldn’t harm, harmless elephants. Then I realized that a lot of people, who aren’t animal people, don’t really care that the elephants are being slaughtered. Not that they are heartless but just because they don’t believe it’s there issue. Animals will solve their own problems you know. But wait if you are someone who thinks this way then you have to realize what actually results from this Drug Trafficking type of scheme. Not only are elephants being slaughtered, but the people killing them aren’t just people wanting to get rich quick. It is actually armies and rebels and groups of people selling Ivory for hundreds of thousands of dollars to fuel their weapons purchases so that they can then in turn slaughter people. So for all those non animal people out there I hope you are at least people people. Realize that the Ivory trade is not only killing elephants but destroying any semblance of government in Africa and therefore slaughtering innocent people as well.

Sign petitions, make a difference: http://www.bloodyivory.org/petition


Throne of living reptiles

Okay, I need some help.

So I did Marie’s laveaus throne and I wasn’t gonna put her on it but then the chair back wasn’t too great so I added her on it but I was told that the scribble effect kind of throws it off. Should I change it maybe paint her silhouette black so it stands out more, or any other suggestions are welcome! I’m just curious if this is a yay or nah? 



Father’s day

Throughout my life I have had 2 dads, I have also had 4+ grand fathers, a long with a couple uncles. All of the men in my life have helped to shape me to who I am today. Even through the rocky roads of childhood or the distance between families, each and everyone one of them played vital roles in my life. My Dad has always been a soft spoken man. When I was younger I was very much like him. Over time though we both started to break out of our shells. Also along with that he has always motivated my artistic talents along with helping me to clarify my dreams. Though he doesn’t always agree with my choices, he has always supported me and cared for me and even though I have him a hard time in the beginning I know that he has always tried. My step dad has always been a very outspoken man. He has helped to push me out of my shell. He has always been a little more intense but in that sense he has taught me to fight for what I want. He has been around for as long as I could remember and he has always supported me. He has always appreciated my artistic goals though not always understanding. He has helped me most often with the troubles of the real world, I remember our talks of his business me trying to understand the intricacies of the world around me. He has always been more a man of profit Than a man of dreams, he has always supported my dreams while also awakening them to the real world. My grandfathers, though not around as often have helped show me many things. From a stubborn old fashion grandpa to a free spirit to even a humble older man. They have taught me to accept there traditional thoughts instead of allow them to anger me, they have showed me the difficulties of illness but how thy have overcome them again and again, they have even showed me how to be care free because who cares how closely the world is watching. I have learned to stand up for myself and stand up respectfully. Even my uncles who aren’t around as often have showed me that even though they are tough that they can have a soft spot and even when times are rough you can make it through. All of the fathers in my life have showed me so much and I hope that anyone reading can think about the people in their life and how they have helped you to grow. Appreciate the worlds fathers even if u may not have a dad, appreciate the men in your life and show them love. Express to them what they mean to you even if it’s just an update call. If anyone has cute stories about their dads I’d love to hear them.

Happy Fathers Day!


Time in Someone’s Shoes

Have you ever looked at a beautiful human being who had a weird mole or crooked nose, but still acknowledged in your mind that they were uniquely nice to look at. Have you ever looked at that person and wondered what they think when they look in a mirror? Do u ever compare it to your own thoughts when u look in a mirror? “O look at these silly breakouts or that crooked tooth” those things that no one else actually really cares about. Do you think those uniquely beautiful people realize their beauty are only see that mole or flaw? You know how you acknowledge those people in the world, those wonderfully beautiful people that probably don’t realize how amazing they are, well did u ever think that maybe you are that person? What do people think when they look at you? Not the petty things, but the grown up analytical and artistic thoughts that go beyond attraction. The symmetry of a face or the depth of eyes, that pointy canine or super flat front teeth, dimples or even the best smile, those things that you don’t see but other people do. Not only a spouse or your mom see it either, lots of people see those things but just because they don’t come out and say it like your mom does, doesn’t mean no one sees it. Embrace every flaw and look beyond them, look at your face like a strangers and love yourself for who you are.

“Even in Silence there is Chaos” -S Ajna

The very nature of the world is chaos. Even if you aren’t dramatic or artsy, the science shows the chaos of the world. Entropy and Enthalpy. It’s the reason when you wash and dry clothes you don’t open the machine and find them already folded. It could happen about a one in infinity chance but it could happen, it doesn’t though because the world is happier in chaos though its inhabitants don’t agree. Humans strive for neatness and everything against chaos but it’s an impossible goal because human beings themselves are chaos. Everything that we are: relationships, emotions, love, anger, happiness. It is all born from Chaos, we must except the chaos, yes fold your clothes and keep your mind neat but don’t fight the chaos, fight with the chaos, except and understand.