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Father’s day

Throughout my life I have had 2 dads, I have also had 4+ grand fathers, a long with a couple uncles. All of the men in my life have helped to shape me to who I am today. Even through the rocky roads of childhood or the distance between families, each and everyone one of them played vital roles in my life. My Dad has always been a soft spoken man. When I was younger I was very much like him. Over time though we both started to break out of our shells. Also along with that he has always motivated my artistic talents along with helping me to clarify my dreams. Though he doesn’t always agree with my choices, he has always supported me and cared for me and even though I have him a hard time in the beginning I know that he has always tried. My step dad has always been a very outspoken man. He has helped to push me out of my shell. He has always been a little more intense but in that sense he has taught me to fight for what I want. He has been around for as long as I could remember and he has always supported me. He has always appreciated my artistic goals though not always understanding. He has helped me most often with the troubles of the real world, I remember our talks of his business me trying to understand the intricacies of the world around me. He has always been more a man of profit Than a man of dreams, he has always supported my dreams while also awakening them to the real world. My grandfathers, though not around as often have helped show me many things. From a stubborn old fashion grandpa to a free spirit to even a humble older man. They have taught me to accept there traditional thoughts instead of allow them to anger me, they have showed me the difficulties of illness but how thy have overcome them again and again, they have even showed me how to be care free because who cares how closely the world is watching. I have learned to stand up for myself and stand up respectfully. Even my uncles who aren’t around as often have showed me that even though they are tough that they can have a soft spot and even when times are rough you can make it through. All of the fathers in my life have showed me so much and I hope that anyone reading can think about the people in their life and how they have helped you to grow. Appreciate the worlds fathers even if u may not have a dad, appreciate the men in your life and show them love. Express to them what they mean to you even if it’s just an update call. If anyone has cute stories about their dads I’d love to hear them.

Happy Fathers Day!