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Time in Someone’s Shoes

Have you ever looked at a beautiful human being who had a weird mole or crooked nose, but still acknowledged in your mind that they were uniquely nice to look at. Have you ever looked at that person and wondered what they think when they look in a mirror? Do u ever compare it to your own thoughts when u look in a mirror? “O look at these silly breakouts or that crooked tooth” those things that no one else actually really cares about. Do you think those uniquely beautiful people realize their beauty are only see that mole or flaw? You know how you acknowledge those people in the world, those wonderfully beautiful people that probably don’t realize how amazing they are, well did u ever think that maybe you are that person? What do people think when they look at you? Not the petty things, but the grown up analytical and artistic thoughts that go beyond attraction. The symmetry of a face or the depth of eyes, that pointy canine or super flat front teeth, dimples or even the best smile, those things that you don’t see but other people do. Not only a spouse or your mom see it either, lots of people see those things but just because they don’t come out and say it like your mom does, doesn’t mean no one sees it. Embrace every flaw and look beyond them, look at your face like a strangers and love yourself for who you are.